Green startup founders: Grüezi Yamo

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Luca Michas, CMO & Co-Founder at Yamo, talks about providing sustainable, fresh baby food.

Yamo is a food start-up that brings organic and nutritious options to the kids' food market.

Yamo is known as the first European digital native brand for children’s food. They started this amazing journey in Switzerland in 2017, and by 2018 they were already in Germany and Austria.

Eutopia sat down with Luca to have a chat about his wonderful startup. This is his 100-second video:


Unlike most of the traditional baby food producers, Yamo uses high pressure to preserve their products. The high pressure kills harmful bacteria but also preserves the natural vitamins, fresh taste, and colors. They developed products that are 100% organic, natural, and free from additives.

Eutopia couldn't get enough of Yamo so we invited Luca back to answer some more questions about his green startup.

How did Yamo get its name?

“ Yamo is a mix between yamyam - the sound parents make to tell their kids something is yummy - and amo, the Italian word for I love. We thought it’s a pretty matching combination! "

What’s your story?

" We are pursuing nothing less than a revolution in the baby and kids food market. Infants should no longer be given food that is older than they are. Kids food needs to be as fresh, nutritious, and natural as possible, without parents having to sacrifice precious and usually rare time with their children to cook everything themselves. "
" Our mission is to support parents raising their kids by providing them with high quality, natural food for their children. Parents today are increasingly stressed by the double burden of work and family. With yamo, we want to enable them to relax and spend more valuable time with their loved ones. "
" In doing so, we make absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality and service. Only the best possible is good enough for our yamo moms & dads. "

Where did the idea come from?

" Funnily enough, the idea came about during a vegan challenge in the fall of 2015. During a month, Tobias and me (Luca), who were already working together at the time, did a vegan month self-challenge. During this time, we had to look very closely at the ingredients of products when shopping. In the process, we noticed that there were too many unwanted additives and chemicals in many foods from the supermarket. We then asked ourselves what would be the best convenience products to buy in a supermarket. "
" And so there we were, standing in front of the baby food shelf. What we didn't understand was why many of the products had a shelf life of several years. How could it be that baby food is older than the child who eats it? This moment was the birth of yamo. Tobi's friend and life scientist José was brought on board and from then on the three of us did everything we could to produce fresh, natural and delicious baby food. Today we are an international team of 40 people. "
" We value a good mix, both in terms of gender and cultural background. We are 50/50 men and women and from many different nations. Our colleagues with children are also very enriching. We can learn a lot from them about raising and growing up young children. "

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