Climate Tech Updates

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Check out the updates we found in the climate startup ecosystem (14.12.2021 - 21.12.2021).

🚀 Launches 🚀

Fairphone launches ‘Reuse and Recycle’ program to fight electronic waste.

Vok Bikes, a Tallinn-based electric cargo bike provider, launches new generation electric cargo bike sharing in London in partnership with Stuart Delivery, a tech logistics company specialising in same-day delivery.

📜 Policy 📜

The German government has injected €60B into fighting the climate crisis. In addition to the debt-financed €60B, the government will channel some €18B of tax revenue, mainly stemming from eco taxes and the CO2 emission trading scheme, into its climate and transformation fund next year.

The European Commission adopted a Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles, setting out how to increase removals of carbon from the atmosphere. To balance out the impacts of CO2 emissions, the EU will need to drastically reduce its reliance on fossil carbon, upscale carbon farming to store more carbon in nature, and promote industrial solutions to sustainably and verifiably remove and recycle carbon. Removing and storing more carbon, from the atmosphere, oceans and coastal wetlands, is essential to achieve the EU's legally binding commitment to become climate neutral by 2050. Read more about this proposal!

🌐 Ecosystem 🌐

PWC just released its State of Climate Tech 2021 report, these are some of the conclusions: “Thousands of companies have made public commitments to net zero, set science-based targets or sought to demonstrate their wider commitments to society through B Corp status. Megafunds have been ring-fenced for climate tech, including Brookfield’s US$7bn Global Transition Fund and TPG’s US$5.4bn Rise Climate fund.”

Stripe is making $6 million in carbon removal purchases from four new companies. These purchases, evaluated by 13 climate science experts, cover a wide range of technologies: permanent geologic storage, ocean alkalinity enhancement, enhanced weathering, and direct air capture. This marks the third round of Stripe Climate carbon removal commitments in a year and a half. provided a €1,000,000 grant to electricityMap, a leading provider of granular data on electricity and carbon intensity.

Berlin-based TIER, one of the leader’s in the European micro-mobility market, has just announced its acquisition of Wind Mobility Italy, with e-scooters now available in Bari and Palermo. This comes after the company acquired nextbike. This year the company also expanded across Europe, including London and Stockholm, and closed a €172 million Series D funding round.

🔍 Interesting stuff 🔍

EU-Startups delved into sustainable gift options for the Holidays. Take a look at these 10 European startups that offer sustainable choices that range from jewellery and water bottles to clothing and electronics.