Data intelligence

for green innovation

Our mission

Eutopia was born to increase transparency within the green innovation ecosystem and to provide decision-makers with a structured information framework to accelerate the transition toward a more sustainable economy.

We do that by mapping European startups and innovative companies devoted to developing products, services or business models addressing the climate crisis.


To further amplify its positive impact, we established Eutopia as a social business, committed to reinvesting 50% of its surplus revenue in green technologies and initiatives.


How we get our data

We collect data from public online sources - by means of hundreds of web crawlers - as well as from our strategic partners and our green startup community.

Leveraging automation and data science, the information is cleaned and aggregated prioritizing the most relevant sources for each field.


Eventually, our NLP and Deep Learning algorithms classify each venture by sector, technology, development maturity, climate impact and business traction.


Andrea Canepa

Co-founder & CTO

Federico Cristoforoni

Co-founder & CEO

Frederik van Deurs


Green Innovation Group

Matteo Bobbio


Back-End Developer

Joachim Almdal


Green Innovation Group

Andrea Licata



Andrea Moraglia


Front-End Developer

About us

Eutopia is an early-stage startup on a mission to accelerate climate tech.

​Our team has a broad experience in data science and analytics and a deep passion for green technologies and innovation.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always looking for brilliant interns in data science, business development, social media management and startup scouting.


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