The largest AI-powered database of green startups in Europe

Extensive data on
green innovation

Access structured information about thousands of innovative companies developing sustainable products, services or business models in Europe.

Gain an unfair advantage over the competition by understanding green innovation trends before anyone else.

Discover all the climate positive ventures in the European startup landscape by accessing in-depth data.

Learn about new technologies and applications, get contact information, maturity metrics and discover similar companies operating in the same field.

Enhanced scouting capabilities

Enjoy increased searchability features to easily identify the most impactful ventures in your industry by filtering our database for Sustainable Development Goals or climate impact score.

Leverage from venture growth metrics such as financials, business traction and tech maturity.

Accurate startup prospects

What our clients say

"With Eutopia, we can easily integrate data and analytics into our in-depth market analysis and deliver high-profile consultancy to our clients. Accessing thousands of green startups, understanding their commercial maturity, financials and impact metrics really gives us a competitive advantage."

Joachim Almdal

Head of Business Development at Green Innovation Group

Who uses the Eutopia Platform?

Decision Makers

Public institutions, international organizations and corporations use our data to make informed decisions when designing a more sustainable economy.

Private Investors

Venture capitalists and business angels discover the hottest green startups and source new deals by accessing detailed market insights to detect and act on opportunities.

Startup Programs

Accelerators, incubators, startup hubs and competitions scout the most innovative green startups to invite to apply to their programs.

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